Contractor Management

Discover the right IT Providers and manage it smartly and tight to get their best.

In a market with Strong demand for IT providers, finding good ones is a big challenge. The strength of the market is the root cause of its quality weakness. Even the best companies have difficulties on attracting and retaining their preeminent employees. Since most contractors are reluctant to reject or limit the size of new contracts, the delivery performance tends to suffer.

While the main strategy to ensure the success of projects sizing them as small as possible, to generate a thorough definition and use simpler architectures, the provider selection and management still needs all your attention.

Remember to invest upfront on initial accurate due diligences. At sales moment commercial presentations and speeches will be beautiful and providers will look spotless, it could be easy to neglect on building control mechanisms to ensure continuous optimal delivery, corrective actions when needed as well as settlement conditions to “protect” in front of delivery failure.

Remember, even the best IT providers often fail in some projects for a wide variety of causes. You need to be ready for the IT sector reality.

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Creating a solid Request For Proposal RFP

Identifying strong IT providers

Running initial due diligence

Identifying Risks and creating Contingency plans

Negotiating contracts

Monitoring project progress

Managing strained projects

Handling Provider replacement

Forensic IT analysis

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Contractor Management

Discover the right IT Providers and manage it smartly and tight to get their best.

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