CTO Coaching

Work hand in hand with the CTO to put 30 years of experience at your service!

The CTO is an isolated executive in such a fast pace and mutable nature reality that every situation, project or challenge will be new to him/her. Having a peer colleague ready to share and collaborate is an invaluable opportunity.

Coaching is not about telling what to do at your company, it is not suggesting technologies, architectures, methodologies or strategies. If you trust my coaching services, I would like to listen to your projects, doubts, concerns and ideas and share my past experiences (facts and outcomes) that could refer to your new scenarios. The two of us will thoroughly review new challenges and use our common expertise to come up with the best proposal!

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Creating your IT strategy

Organizing your IT department

Selecting your standard base technology

Funding IT projects

Outsourcing IT projects

Implementing an Innovation program

Controlling your IT organization


CTO Coaching

30 years of experience at your service. Let’s work together to make IT happen.

IT Audit

Know where you are, Opportunities and Risks, to steadily move ahead.

Discrete Decision Making

Experience and Market Information to take the right choice.

Interim CTO

When an exception situation is an opportunity. Point in time “IT Excellence” for your company.


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For further information please write an email to: carles@thectocoach.com