Disruptive Waves

Innovation: Opportunity, threat or distracting noise.

Being aware and understanding new Innovation waves is a must. Missing a critical one that will make your sector competitors more efficient could overtake your company. You need to know how the new technology could transform your reality:

  • Enabling a new offering
  • Enhancing the performance of your offering
  • Enhancing the productivity of your development process

As important as not missing a winning wave, it is not surfing on the top of an unrelated or also-ran one. In the last few years I have seen few companies trying to solve traditional relational problems with Map Reduce Big Data technology. The cost of the experiment was one order of magnitude higher than needed and the outcome was a clumsy solution.

Qualify innovation opportunities as they appear uncovering they value. Apply them in small initial pilot projects and if applicable scale them up to fully incorporate and explode their power.

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How to detect new Innovations to research on?

When to adopt innovation as a part of the standard processes?

When to step back from a new Innovation?

How to pilot new technologies while keeping the main line process

Train or Outsource skills required to adopt new Technologies

Innovation as a motivational factor to attract the best performers.

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Disruptive Waves

Cutting Edge Technology and new Disruptive Solutions: Opportunity, Threat or distracting Noise.


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