Interim CTO

An opportunity to shake your IT Strategy. The best option for a transitory Human or Enterprise situation.

While the CTO is a key strategic role for most of the current times companies and should be a permanent position at the Executive team, sometimes Human or Enterprise situations could require of a transitory CTO.

In front of important Business transformations, you may want to consider an Interim CTO to help you draw a new IT strategy and help on finding the best candidates to permanently run it. Finding a new outperformer CTO takes time and requires a good understanding of your Business Strategy and the required IT needs; nobody like an Interim CTO to perform this task.

Does your business run with a Senior Manager leading the IT department but you are wondering if you could take advantage of having a more senior employee at the position? May I suggest you hire an interim CTO, he could find out the opportunity gap, build a transformation strategy and help you in either train and promote your Senior Manager if he/she has enough potential or hire a permanent CTO.

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