Engineering Leadership is not about knowing the answer to every problem, it’s about knowing the questions to be made in front of every need, topic or initiative. With the huge spectrum of skill sets, technologies, methodologies, contexts and needs, it makes no sense trying to master them all. The objective is to gain enough knowledge and intuition to detect what needs to be done, identify the best resources to solve the need and have the ability to understand and evaluate the proposed solution.

My 30 years of experience gave me this capability around almost any subject or skill involved in digital matters. I’m listing here few of them, but we probably could talk about any IT related topic you may be concerned about.

Business - IT alignment

Enable and Trigger future Business Strategies without jeopardizing financial reality and current operational needs.

KPI and Project Controlling

KPIs, like a Compass, could drive you to the abysm when picked and used in the wrong way.

Contractor Management

Discover the right IT Providers and manage them smartly and tight to get their best.

Software Architecture

Build simple Architectures to enable as many future scenarios as possible.

Software Development Methodology

Taylor your Methodology of choice and continuously monitor and enhance its adoption.

Disruptive Waves

Cutting Edge Technology and new Disruptive Solutions: Opportunity, Threat or distracting Noise.

Business – IT Alignment

Build a solid IT strategy to Enable and Trigger your Business Success.

The CTO is faced with the big challenge to invest on an uncertain future while focusing on excelling current needs. Successfully predict and qualify on leading technologies to come… More about Aligning business IT and strategies

KPI and Project Controlling

Know where you are to detect and take the right Actions.

Work on finding and revealing the right KPIs for your company. Identifying and meaningfully computing the right ones will be the first step towards corrective actions when going in the wrong direction and rationalizing the always needed continuous improvement effort… More about controlling projects and KPIs

Contractor Management

Contractors: the best aid or biggest headache. Properly managing your Contractors makes the difference.

In a market with Strong demand for IT providers, finding good ones is a big challenge. The strength of the market is the root cause of its quality weakness. Even the best companies have difficulties on attracting and retaining their preeminent employees… More about managing contractors

Software Architecture

Architect for change and grow, this is the only permanent requirement.

The challenge of an Architect is to build simple solutions for complex problems. Usually solutions are not complex, they just need a better understanding to break them down in smaller and simpler parts… More about software architectures

Software Development Methodology

Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy if both are frozen. (Edward V. Berard)

I’m a strong advocate of the Agile Manifesto. This “new look” to the Software Engineering has brought large productivity, predictability and quality improvements. That said, it has also generated equally large pain in all those projects where it has been misunderstood or applied in a bias way… More about methodologies to develop software

Disruptive Waves

The challenge is understanding the opportunity in front of us, not how to fulfill it.

Being aware and understanding new Innovation waves is a must. Missing a critical one that will make your sector competitors more efficient could overtake your company. You need to know how the new technology could transform your reality… More about IT opportunities and innovation


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