As an experienced and knowledgeable CTO, I can engage with You or your Company in many different scenarios, from just replying a simple mail question to giving a thematic conference or a tailored training or being your personal advisor. That said, in order to imagine and scope more concrete collaboration scenarios, I’m listing here my most common engagement patterns. In any case, contact me and we will work to find the best way to collaborate.

CTO Coaching

30 years of experience at your service. Let’s work together to make IT happen.

IT Audit

Know where you are, Opportunities and Risks, to steadily move ahead.

Discrete Decision Making

Experience and Market Information to take the right choice.

Interim CTO

When an exception situation is an opportunity.
Point in time “IT Excellence” for your company.

CTO Coaching

Work hand in hand with the CTO to put 30 years of experience at your service!

The CTO is an isolated executive in such a fast pace and mutable nature reality that every situation, project or challenge will be new to him/her. Having a peer colleague ready to share and collaborate is an invaluable opportunity… More about CTO Coaching


Moving forward requires knowing where we are. Audit Architectures, Technology, Methodology or Organization to detect improvement opportunities.

Running periodical audits, will allow the company to anticipate potential problems detecting them at their earlier stages as well as identifying areas for future improvement on processes currently under control… More about Audit

Discrete Decision Making

Provide independent background knowledge to perform IT related informed decisions.

On-Premise vs Off Premise, Outsource vs Internal Development, Relational vs Hierarchical Data Bases, Mongo DB vs Cassandra, choose a PHP development framework, Google Drive or DropBox for Business… More about Discrete Decision Making

Interim CTO

An opportunity to shake your IT Strategy. The best option for a transitory Human or Enterprise situation.

While the CTO is a key strategic role for most of the current times companies and should be a permanent position at the Executive team, sometimes Human or Enterprise situations could require of a transitory CTO… More about Interim CTO


If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like to contact me for more detailed information, please use the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest.

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