Software Architecture

Build simple Architectures to enable as many future scenarios as possible.

The challenge of an Architect is to build simple solutions for complex problems. Usually solutions are not complex, they just need a better understanding to break them down in smaller and simpler parts.

Once you come up with the clean and down-to-earth solution, ensure its modularity, encapsulation and scalability. Review and lower solution chattiness. Analyze and justify transactions locks.

While a good architect comes up with a perfect solution for today’s needs, an excellent one needs to propose an architecture that will cover the requirements to come. This condition becomes even more important in Agile projects where the mid-long term needs are not depicted until down the road.

Every component or architecture decision has a reason to be. Don’t use them as prescriptions. The impact of contextual conditions is so important that great solutions in one environment could fail in new ones. It is a must to always review and justify the usage of any technology, component or design pattern.

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